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How to order Vertical Racks

When choosing your VRS racks it is important to know your maximum width and height for your wine cellar space. VRS racks use a stacking design. VRS are ordered by height and width in bottle increments. They are 13 inches deep. 5-8 bottle height sections interlock to achieve your desired height. And you order those in widths from 8-18 bottles. The quantity of racks in combination will create the desired width and total height (when stacked). Need help with ordering? Don't worry, just use our free custom design service and we'll help you pick the correct solution.

Total rack price with shipping is approximately $3.00 per bottle capacity plus any additional display extras.

VRS Wine Rack Order Form

How many total vertical rack sections do you need?

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How many VRS racks of each height and width do you need?

How tall do you want your vertical racks?

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Extra Features

Does your rack need to wrap around a corner?


For Display Top Shelf, Display Shelf locations, and Solid Top Shelf

Since Vertical racks may be stacked or aligned, ordering display or solid top shelves are best after purchase of the main units. To add extra top and display shelves as additional feature based on the your intended layout - please contact us directly. We are happy to consult with you for optimum configuration.

For multiple display shelves or "X" style cross shelves, please use our custom wine rack order form

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VRS Guide

A vertical wine rack system has more options than our HRS systems. When ordering VRS think columns and boxes. These racks stack bottles upwards in vertical columns. You'll want to order these in groups for great design flexibilty. Purchase sets of mixed or matched units and then stack link them together!

Turning The Corner

Corner units for VRS allowing your wine rack units to bned to an inside room corner. They hold two bottles and you should calculate approximately 20 inches of additional wall space for each direction. When selected, corner unit will be calculated at 2 bottles times the height of tallest section.

Need help?

If not sure about your complete wine storage needs - don't hesitate to contact us with any questions and a free evaluation and quote. We'd love to hear from you!

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